In the world of Valkyria Chronicles, similarly to our own world, an Industrial Revolution began in the 18th Century which led to a significant increase in demand of ragnite (or petroleum in our world). As a result of the skyrocketing demand for ragnite friction started to develop amongst the largest entities in Europa over this resource. Eventually this friction inevitably culminated in war between the Atlantic Federation and East European Imperial Alliance with the inciting incident being the assassination of the crown prince of the Empire at the start of the 20th Century, mimicking the events that occurred in Sarajevo when Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated leading to the start of World War I.

The First Europan War was a brutal and bloody war with many casualties on all sides. During this war the Imperial forces began to use tanks for the first time in the war. Although tanks were new to the battlefield the majority of the war was fought with old-fashioned infantry tactics which descended into trench warfare whose ramifications can still be seen on the fields of Naggiar in Valkyria Chronicles.

Eventually the two exhausted powers signed a cease-fire agreement which ended hostilities until the start of the Second Europan War, however this agreement did not actually mark an official end to the war.

Although the main arena of combat was between the Atlantic Federation and Empire, there was a front that formed when Imperial forces attempted to invade Gallia due to their ambundant supply of ragnite. The Empire had previously ruled Gallia for a brief period of time in a previous century, however the Gallian populace eventually rose up and won their independence in the War of Gallian Independence

During the initial stages of this invasion, Gallia’s military was led by Roald Kankkunen before he resigned from his leadership position and elevated Belgen Gunter, the leader of tank corps, in his place. In his new leadship role Belgen led the Gallian forces to victory over the Imperial forces.

With the return of Valkyria Chronicles 3 to the Second Europan War and subsequently Valkyria Chronicles 4 taking place during the same time period, I wonder if Sega green lights a Valkyria Chronicles 5, what direction will the development team go?

Although I cherished the opportunity to play Valkyria Chronicles 3, it is a bit of a missed opportunity that they have yet to go past the events of Valkyria Chronicles 2 as 3 of the 4 games in the franchise take place in the same time period. Although I would like to see where they could go with a post-Valkyria Chronicles 2 storyline I wouldn’t turn away a future Valkyria Chronicles title if they cover the events of the First Europan War (the war preceeding the one introduced in the original title). That would be a particulary interesting scenario as the game’s lore mentions that tanks were introduced in the battlefield during that war which could introduce certain gameplay elements - such as the tanks not being reliable or too power hungry. Another interesting prospect could be covering the events of the War of Gallian Independence which takes place over a century prior to the current events of the franchise and outside of the general outcome (Gallia exists and won its independence from the Empire) there is a large canvas on which the team could develop the story.