Welcome to the Nexus of Bozz, this is a blog about a wide variety of topics, but mostly around technology, books, comics, music, and video games.

As mentioned in the about section, I previously ran a blog called the Axis of Bozz from 2009 until 2014. Although I stopped writing my blog in 2014 I have decide to bring it back and to use it as a place to write my thoughts on all sorts of things. As I am restoring and updating some of my old blog posts you can think of this as being Axis of Bozz 2.0, I hope you’ll enjoy reading some of my work here.

If you want a place to start, you might want to consider starting with my personal masterpiece, the Valkyria Chronicles review, although I would recommend that you not read it if you haven’t played up to Chapter 11 of the Valkyria Chronicles game.