WTF: What the Firefox!?


The crux of the issue: tar.bz2 file type, only for Linux

Although as of late I’ve only dabbled with Linux casually and not as a sole user of Linux, I still try to read up on the latest trends and news relating to the world of open source.

One of my primary reads is Martin Owens’ blog, Doctor MO, where the writer, Martin, writes on various topics relating to open source and Linux, primarily about Ubuntu and economics.

His most recent post, which quite possibly has the most comments I have seen thus far in response to one of his posts, is about Mozilla Firefox 4’s release. Continue reading

Oh my darling, Clementine!


It seems like for most Mac users the best choice for listening and downloading music starts and ends at the all-in-one iTunes player. It’s no surprise when you think about how simple the interface and interaction with your music is done within the program.

I wouldn’t hazard to assume that most Mac users never bother to try out other alternative music players like their fellow Windows and Linux users who just so happen to get to enjoy Winamp, Media Monkey, Rhythmbox and Amarok.

However, I find that I’m not your regular Mac user and that I find myself trying out alternatives just for the sake of trying them out. It is this curiosity that led me to download Songbird back when it was first released in early 2006 and what has led me to try out another open source music player, Clementine. Continue reading