Steve Jobs and the D: All Things Digital Conference


Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO and co-founder, kicking back at the D: All Things Digital Conference

Last night, at the eighth annual D: All Things Digital, hosted by The Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs came out to be interview by the renowned journalist, Walt Mossberg, of The Wall Street Journal, and another colleague, Kara Swisher, a technologist for the Wall Street Journal. The interview last just slightly over an hour and a half and had Steve Jobs fielding questions regarding the on-going saga over the lost iPhone prototype which was sold to Gizmodo, Apple’s stance on Flash and the on-going “feud” Adobe has perpetuated against Apple, Google, the App Store and about the future and present of Apple’s latest gadget, the iPad.

Although there wasn’t a streaming audio or video feed from the event, the interview did have individuals in attendance who work for major technology websites, such as Engadget, which provided the most up-to-minute account of the event. The only downside to Engadget’s account was that it was, for the most part, entirely text-based with images form the interview peppered through out the stream. However, since the completion of the interview, a short, edited video highlighting some of the key portions of the interview were posted to the D: All Things Digital Conference website and included below:

The interview, in itself, was fairly informative and as always it’s always entertaining to see Steve Jobs speak so lively and vividly about Apple and their products.

Credit/Sources: Engadget, D: All Things Digital Conference, The Apple Core @ ZDNet